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Brothers Steve and Paul Beam founded Limestone Branch Distillery to create a superior, uniquely American product that also celebrates their sprawling family history.  The brothers chose Lebanon, KY, located in Marion County, as the site of their venture because it rests in the heart of Bourbon Country.  Lebanon offers an abundance of local grain grown from rich, hearty soil, and an endless flow of cold limestone water that’s essential for their distinctive, award-winning recipes. Most importantly, however, Lebanon speaks directly to the brother’s rich family roots.  

From their mother’s side of the family, Steve and Paul’s great-great grandfather, Joseph Washington Dant, began distilling sour mash whiskey in 1836, only a few miles down the road.  As Dant’s operation prospered, its management was passed to the brother’s great-grandfather, W.W. Dant. When W. W. passed away, his brother John Proctor Dant moved the Loretto, KY distillery to Louisville.

Meanwhile, just over the Nelson County line, Steve and Paul’s great-grandfather from their father’s side, Minor Case Beam, was producing Old Trump and T.J. Pottinger brands of sour mash and rye whiskeys.  Minor Case was the great-grandson of Jacob Boehm who, in 1788, arrived in Kentucky by passing through the Cumberland Gap. Family lore states that he arrived with a distilling pot strapped to his back. Jacob promptly changed his surname to Beam, and sold his first barrel of whiskey in 1795.

Under the guidance of their father, the brothers have reconstructed a micro-distillery reminiscent of an era gone by. From the ground up, they have constructed Limestone Branch with authenticity in mind. They use a 150-gallon hand-hammered copper pot still to produce small, one-barrel batches of the finest product imaginable. Under the watchful, loving eyes of those who came before them, Steve and Paul Beam’s Limestone Branch Distillery offers an experience for the visitor as unique and pure as the spirits that flow from the spout.






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