Coming Soon! Yellowstone Barrel Selection Program

Create your own barrel of Limestone Branch whiskey with your favorite mash bill, barrel size, and char for a one-of-a-kind whiskey experience nobody is soon to forget. Enjoy it with friends or show it off: this barrel is all about you.

Choose Your Mash Bill

With a range of mash bills to satisfy the most discerning palate, you’re sure to find the right whiskey for your unique barrel. Available mash bills will include our Original mellow mash, smooth and sweet Wheated, and a spicy Rye with a bit of a kick.

Choose Your Barrel Size

The age of one-size-fits-all is over. Choose from 15, 25, or 50-gallon barrels for as little or as much whiskey as you need.

Choose Your Barrel Char

You don’t just drink whiskey, you experience it. The barrel char is critical in providing the best parts of your whiskey experience: the rich, smoky flavor and deep amber color. Select from several different levels of char to infuse your custom whiskey with as little or as much flavor and color as you wish.

Choose Your Aging Levels

Good things come to those who wait but those people have never tasted our whiskey. Whether you want your custom barrel as soon as possible or whether you’re saving it for a special occasion years down the road, we can work with your timeframe. Even our younger barrels provide rich, smooth whiskey with complex notes for your imbibing pleasure for upcoming events, but you can choose to age your barrel ten years or more if you’re planning ahead.

Choose Your Experience

You can customize your Limestone Branch whiskey experience as much as you want to. Whether you just want pictures of your custom barrel being filled and aged, or you’d like to come to Limestone Branch Distillery to fill your barrel and bottle your whiskey once it has matured, you may be as involved in the process as you wish.

Whiskey is better when it’s yours, and this barrel (literally) can have your name all over it. You may be as involved as you wish in the process of preparing your custom barrel. We gladly send you photos and updates on your custom barrel production, and we invite you to visit our Distillery for a hands-on experience. Participate in filling your barrel or bottling your whiskey for a story as rich and exciting as your drink.

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