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Our blog mission is simple: to embrace life’s small pleasures. Those could be trying that new limited-quantity gin (we happen to know of one), experimenting with bourbon in your cooking, or camping with close friends in your favorite national park. Because small pleasures can turn into big moments.


4 Reasons Lebanon, Kentucky, Is the Best Home for Limestone Branch Distillery

When brothers Steve and Paul Beam decided in 2010 to launch Limestone Branch, they built the distillery in the town of Lebanon, Kentucky. Of all the places to continue their family’s centuries-old tradition of making bourbon and moonshine, Lebanon was the one.

Lebanon has plenty going for it, from its small-town charm to its presence in the world of bourbon. Well-known names such as Independent Stave Company’s Kentucky Cooperage, which makes bourbon barrels, and fellow distillers such as Maker’s Mark are located here.

But there’s more to it than that. Here are four reasons Lebanon is a prime location for Limestone Branch Distillery:Read More


Top Gin Cities in the U.S.

Of all the gin joints in all the world, which are the best?

The most famous is surely Rick’s Café Américain, the fictional bar in the classic film Casablanca. You know — the one with Humphrey Bogart and a piano player named Sam. But did it have creative cocktails, perfectly mixed, and hundreds of gin brands from which to choose?

Thanks to the craft cocktail movement and a boom in artisan offerings such as our own Bowling & Burch New World Gin this clear spirit is finally getting the hype it deserves. These days, gin figures prominently on any craft cocktail menu: Its distinctive flavors provide a platform for infinite creativity — whether you’re looking for a twist on a classic drink or an innovative new concoction.

Next time you’re in one of the following cities, stop by for a cocktail at one these top spots for gin drinking.Read More


A Guide to Planning Your National Park Trip

Inclusiveness is the beauty of the national park system. All are welcome — even the family dog (up to a point). And since we always travel with our distillery dogs, Char and Case, that’s the best news. But the experiences and requirements at the 61 national parks can be so varied that before going it’s best to rely on that classic two-word bit of advice: plan ahead. Here’s what to know. Read More

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