Gift baskets have become popular gifts over the last couple of years. A quick search online results in hundreds of gift basket ideas–many filled with meats, cheeses, candles, or chocolates.

Well, we thought we’d present a different kind for those looking for fun gift ideas–The Bowling & Burch Gin Gift Basket.

We are a bit partial to our spirits, but we think you’ll agree that Bowling & Burch–with its apothecary-style crystal clear bottle, makes an excellent centerpiece for an awe-inspiring gift basket. But you can’t just throw a bunch of things around it. Instead, you’ll want to compliment the outside look while keeping taste in mind.

Embrace Your Centerpiece

Bowling & Burch New World Gin is crafted with 19 botanicals, leading to a complex flavor profile that offers many opportunities to enhance the gin drinking experience.


Tasting notes from Bowling & Burch Gin include tart orange, honeysuckle, lemon verbena, and coriander.

Here are some options we think go well with the taste of Bowling & Burch Gin:

Meats & Cheeses – Bowling & Burch Gin pairs well with salty, thin-sliced meats and cheeses. Consider salami, prosciutto, or pancetta. For cheeses, look to pecorino, aged or smoked gouda, and blue cheese. Most goat’s milk cheeses would also do well.

Fruits, Syrups & Jams – Consider apples, pears, cherries, apricots, mangos, and cranberries. Dried versions of the fruits or sealed bottles for light syrups, jams, and honey will last longer than their fresh counterparts, so consider how far you are building your basket in advance.

Crackers & Cookies – Herbaceous or buttery crackers, sugar cookies, vanilla flavoring, and orange zest. These each pair very well with the herbal notes and lemon citrus in the gin.

Nuts, Candy & Chocolate – For Bowling & Burch, consider dark chocolate or yogurt-covered candies instead of milk chocolate. Also, choose chocolate-covered cherries and nuts or fruit-flavored sweets over heavy nougats or caramels. Almonds, cashews, and pecans pair nicely.


On the nose of Bowling & Burch Gin, you get herbal notes of rosemary, thyme, and citrus.

Candles & Herbs – Depending on the type and brand of the candle, their aromas can vary widely. Instead, for pairing with Bowling & Burch Gin, look for subtle smells of herbs and spices like rosemary, coriander, pumpkin, apple, eucalyptus, honey, and mint.

Match the Outside with Great Colors

Use black, silver, gold, subtle blues, and reds for bows, packaging, and decorations. The color palate should be upscale but approachable. Expensive, but not extravagant. Fancy, not pretentious.

That’s a lot to consider! But, we hope that these pointers and ideas will help you give a beautiful and memorable gift.

Need to shop for Bowling & Burch Gin? Find it here.

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In the 1880s, J.B. Dant, D.H. Taylor, and J.T. Williams created and named their bourbon Yellowstone in honor of Yellowstone National Park.

That connection with national parks holds just as strong today as it did back then. In fact, for every bottle of Yellowstone Bourbon Select that’s sold, we donate $1 to the National Parks Conservation Association (you can read about the NPCA Mission here).


If there’s a bourbon lover in your life, and you’re unsure what to gift them for the holidays or special occasions, consider getting them a bottle of Yellowstone Bourbon. Not only is it a great-tasting bourbon (if we do say so ourselves) no matter their level of bourbon experience, but it’s a bourbon that’s reasonably priced and readily available across the country.

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